Friday, July 6, 2018

My reflection journal!! =)

Today in Rimu we all wrote reflection journals about the term. This is mine, please comment and tell me if I have done well or maybe there is
something here that you can relate to. Please remember that your comment should have a: Positive, Helpful Thoughtful. Thank's.

The whole term has been very fun and tiring all at the same time. Sometimes work was easy, and every other time hard. Each day with a news uprise. My favorite thing about this term was Maths because I find it very easy now. And also because I can understand it more. And I feel like I have seriously stepped up in my maths. I never ever thought I would be saying (or writing) this, cause I had used to always dread maths, or anything to do with fractions. And maths whizz had kind of made it easier for me because, when I would do a learning activity on maths whizz, and then did it in my maths group I understood it better than before.

Also, I think that I have shown my Hero qualities in and out of school. Especially at manual. During manual, I feel like I was mostly an E, because I was really enthusiastic about everything we were doing. Especially mandarin, I’ve always loved learning new languages. I’m learning six so far. My best friend Parwin Is teaching me Farsi. She is from Afghanistan and that is one of the languages they speak there.

Right now I can only think of two things that haven't really gone well for me. The first one Is my writing. Most long write sessions I cannot get 250 words in the time given. And when I do Get 250 or more, I am really not happy with my story, (like the most recent one I wrote “Waiting”). And the second thing that hasn’t gone well for me is kind of funny. It also just happened yesterday on the 5th of July. So basically Parwin (my best friend) and I were laminating certificates for the coloring competition. She would put it in the case and then pass it to me, then I would put it in the laminator. We were doing this for a while. Then when I had put the fourth one in it never came out of the other end, and there was this weird crunching noise coming from the machine. I had no idea of what to do except turn the thing off and run for the teacher. I had gotten Mrs. Rofee to come and check it out. And then they spent all afternoon trying to get whatever was in there out. Luckily Mrs. Tebbett had managed to pull it from the machine. And that really is the end of the story, I’m still yet to thank her.

And finally my Focus for next term. I think that my focus for next term is to always get my reward time. So basically I always want to have my work finished on time. This term was a blast. But I'm still looking forward to the school holidays.

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  1. Kia ora Jedi, I am really impressed with the way that you are structuring your reflections and the content you have chosen to write about. I am commenting to say ka pai and thank you for coming to see me following your 'second' thing that didn't go so well on the 5th of July! It was my pleasure and 'stuff' happens! NO worries. I also wanted to mention that your comments about Maths and how much you are enjoying it are so positive and show a real understanding of what reflecting on a subject means. Pass the love on Jedi! Kindest regards, Mrs T :)


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